The IOL JUNIOR programmes are designed to promote a holistic and all-round learning experience that is in tune with the latest international requirements for education and work. All the Foreign Language Courses are designed to include the complete aspects of language acquisition, with an emphasis on listening, speaking and cultural insights. This makes the courses a complete immersion learning journey.

Your child has been born in a global world! Enroll your child in foreign language classes to widen their horizons and introduce them to the diversity of the world.  Kids grow fast between the ages of 0 and 6 and are more receptive to language training. Our trainers help toddlers learn greetings, colours, language poems, numbers and alphabets through songs, watching poems, learning salutations and ease of using the foreign languages as a Second Language! It provides a basic framework for further higher studies in foreign language training.

Our programs also motivate the students, who come from a broad spectrum of schools to continue learning the language beyond the school environment and make it into an important life-skill, considered imperative in today’s globalised world.

The student can also write international exams and get additional accreditations. These can also be used for extra credits in university applications.