Foreign Language Corporate Training

IOL is the leading Foreign Language Training Institute in Mumbai / Navi Mumbai. Empower your teams with multiple language training and take your business a step closer to the next level. We provide customized foreign language training to Corporate and MSMEs who intend to expand their business across the globe. Learning the foreign language becomes inevitable to communicate and interact with your global business partners and customers. Our professional foreign language crash course helps you to pick a foreign language in no time and increase your productivity level in the new land. Our corporate training programs are well planned and customized after understanding the language training objectives of your company.

It has become imperative to converse in multiple languages to grow your business diversity. Foreign Language training is a serious business affair in a corporate today aiming to extend cross-cultural and language training to its employees. IOL aims to overcome this language barrier through its excellent foreign language training programs. Training can be delivered at any location of your choice. In-house corporate language training for employees’ offers customization in course-ware, flexibility in time and is definitely cost-effective. All the language training modules designed by IOL are as per CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) standards.

IOL has a pool of qualified and experienced native speaking trainers. With deep subject matter knowledge, our corporate language trainers are well versed with the industry jargons, business vocabulary and business manners. The course is designed specifically to meet the foreign language needs for corporate and is in line with the company’s goals. We focus on impeccable oral and written communication as both are equally important for corporate deals. Our foreign language training courses help companies grow and expand internationally allowing you to converse in foreign languages for better collaboration.

With globalization, there is an increasing need for bilingual and multilingual employees who can converse and deliver work in various languages. Companies are getting serious about this each passing day and are ready to invest their time and money to train employees in foreign languages. This accelerates the success of your company in foreign countries and gets you better business and ROI. On-site corporate training allows the company to track their employees’ learning progress and certain the usability of their employees’ language talent on the job for the company’s rolling progress.

IOL provides corporate foreign language training to train your existing or prospective staff in various languages. We provide training in number of languages used officially or primarily spoken in different countries making it easy for you to establish or run your business. Your brand, its products, and services are more accepted by the local people if it is marketed in the local language. It is imperative for the concerned team member to know the local language and not blindly depend on a third party for its advertisements and promotion.

IOL supports the company’s different language needs. In-company language training develops the online and offline language skills required for business and also train them in a foreign language for their successful expansion in new countries.

The training content is designed as per the company’s needs and aligned to the organization’s goals and culture. The language course is interactive and fun for easy and fast learning. It is a seamless combination of experiential activities, case studies, role plays and theory for a holistic preparation. The course includes watching movies, listening and humming to the tunes of foreign language songs, reading interesting material in the foreign language and watching critical business behaviour that needs to be followed. By the end of the training, the team would be left in the language and will contribute their best towards the success of the company.

The corporate training program structure generally comprises the following but courses are tweaked to include or exclude training items as per your specific requirements.

  • Understanding the alphabets and words
  • Focus on Pronunciation
  • Acquaintance with the general and business-specific phrases and jargons
  • Listening and understanding the foreign speaker in his native accent
  • Emphasis on grammar and proper formation of sentences
  • Learning the basic lifestyle and business etiquettes of the foreign land
  • Speaking with good fluency and right accent
  • Writing skills

Training can be in-house or at our office basis your expediency. In-house corporate language training is often more cost effective when it is for the same language requirement. Training is scheduled as per the staff’s flexibility. There is more productivity as they do not waste time on double travel, are more comfortable in their premises and can concentrate better on learning and implementation.

IOL provides the best of foreign language corporate training programs at the most affordable rates. We identify your objectives and plan a training solution so as to meet your company’s custom requirements. Trainers at IOL are experts and acquainted with the culture and heritage. This allows us to deliver better content and lets you feel more linked to the language that you have to learn. When you are connected to the language, it is easier to perform and that is what we aim at – to make you fall in love with the language.